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G E N G H I S - David Edward Khan

                             Who Is David...

About Me

My name is David Edward Khan. I am a 35-year-old webmaster/ information technology professional and a recent graduate with Master's in Business Administration with a concentration in Conflict Resolution. I have worked in a variety of roles in my civilian career including help desk support, project management, hardware repair, supervisor of configuration technicians and web administration/design and in various other capacities.

I have served in the Navy/Navy Reserve for 14 years as a Aviation Machinist's Mate was recently changed to Naval Aircrewman Mechanical. In layman's terms, I'm a jet engine mechanic and fly as a crew chief/flight engineer. Currently, I am assigned to a squadron at NAS North Island, CA.
Some of my major accomplishments in the Navy include being selected as the Bluejacket of the Year for the base for Fiscal Year 1998, earning a second Navy Achievement Medal in 2000, returning from being mobilized during the Operation Iraqi Freedom and awarded my third Navy Achievement Medal in 2003, and recently my promotion to Chief Petty Officer (FY09).

In my spare time (which isn't always that plentiful it seems) I enjoy mountain biking, snow boarding (a new passion), working on cars, flying aircraft, traveling, being a movie buff, and a 'technophile' (if its cool, and its new technology, I probably want it or own it).

I've also been fortunate to have traveled all over the world. Just take a look at some of the pictures below:

Bored on the way to Australia   A windy day on Mt. Etna
Here I am, bored into being silly on our way to Australia.   Leaning back against one major wind on top of Mt. Etna in Sicily.
Shopping in the 'family' market   Me visiting one of the wonders of the world
Here I am in India...I tried to convince them I owned the market. No one was fooled.   Another one from India...this time at the Taj Mahal.
Grampa Russell Schlosser circa 1943  
Roster board photo from work
I come from a long line of Navy men in my family. Here is my grandfather, Russell Schlosser who served in the Naval Air Transport Service (NATS) in WWII. Ironically later I ended up in the Fleet Logistic Support Wing which serves the Naval Air Logistics Office which is what NATS later became.   Here is a cheesy picture taken for a roster board at work.
    More photos to come...